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Young readers are introduced to Daniel and his dog Sparky.
They are then invited to join the two as The Adventures of Daniel kick off!

ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781504908955
ISBN 13 (eBook):

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It looks like it is time for Daniel’s first haircut, but it doesn’t look as if Daniel is looking forward to this experience. I wonder what will happen and how Daniel will react afterward.

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781504909112
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504909129

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Do you enjoy visiting and spending time with your grandparents? Daniel does! He loves his grandparents! They live far away from Daniel. Let’s take a trip to Fresno, California, with Daniel and visit his grandparents.

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781504909136
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504909143

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What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you think you might like to be a firefighter? Today Daniel and his father go and visit a fire station. Let’s go with them and learn about fire fighters.

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781504909150
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504909167

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Daniel wants to visit Hawaii. How about you? Do you know where it is located? Do you know what you can do in Hawaii? Let’s go see what Daniel and his family do on their vacation in Hawaii.

ISBN 13 (TP): 9781504909174
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504909181

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