About the Author


René Ghazarian is a retired elementary school teacher who worked in the Los Angeles, California, area for thirty-seven years. He stated, “I wish that, just as the character Daniel, all children experience life in a loving, supportive, and positive family environment. I wrote these books to inspire their imagination and to encourage young minds to expand their outlook of the world they live in. Hopefully these books will accomplish that goal. “Mr. Ghazarian hopes to add more books to this series of books. “My wish is to take Daniel across the USA and around the world where he will make friends, learn about different cultures, and learn different languages. I invite my young readers to join Daniel on this journey,” stated Mr. Ghazarian.

Sebastian R. Schug is a native Burbank illustrator, artist, and animator. He has been creating characters and drawing since a very early age. His talent was recognized at an early age, and he was continually encouraged to create his art. Since being accepted into a Nickelodeon mentorship, Sebastian’s artistic approach has flourished and his ideas are in constant evolution. International influences continue to shape his characters and concepts. Sebastian’s future plans include attending college and taking his art, animation, and illustrations to new heights as he explores new mediums and his knowledge of major art forms continue to expand.